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Aquarium Photography

Updated: May 26, 2020

Exploring London Aquarium

Heading down to London to visit London aquarium, I decided to take my camera along to see what shots I could come back with. Travelling light, I just took my camera and Nikon 50mm f1.8 lens. I chose the lens as I knew the aquarium would be pretty dark, so the f1.8 would come in handy with its wide aperture letting in a good deal of light. When in the aquarium I didn't use any flash, it's banned to prevent the fish being disturbed, and it could also result in harsh highlights appearing in the image caused by the flash bouncing back from the glass. Once inside I found the aquarium was much bigger than I expected, and had

lots of subjects to photograph. If you are planning on visiting an aquarium a few other tips I can suggest would be to use a high ISO. These examples were shot at ISO 1600, as although it may make the images slightly grainy it will help to give you a quicker shutter speed, in turn helping to give sharper results. Also, make sure the glass you're shooting through is clean, and watch out for reflections of people or lighting in your don't want (a what would otherwise) be a nice shot of a shark spoilt by the reflection of a fire exit sign!


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