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With the world in turmoil, travel restrictions in place and an increase in anxiety levels, nature came into its own during 2020 helping people to cope during a global pandemic.

Gardens were a luxury, allowing a little respite from the outside world, and so the Lockdown Garden project began. Using flora from a small, city garden, still life scenes of plants usually quickly passed in the rush of day to day life gradually emerged.  No longer overlooked, the gradual gradient of green on a stem became apparent, as did the fragile beauty of a single flower.

Layers allowed interaction within the image, highlighting the variety and beauty of plants by combining, comparing and contrasting different textures, heights and colours.

A project revolving around nature, building a still life record of an individual environment and mind-set during national restrictions.  Whatever else was happening in the world, nature helped to show that life would continue and provided support on the journey.

Images from this series are on exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery, London, September 17th 2021 - October 9th 2021.  They have been awarded a RHS Silver-Gilt medal and are available for purchase, please contact me directly for more information.

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