Australia Trip

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I was fortunate enough to be chosen to take part in an excellent Group Study Exchange program organised by the Rotary where I took part in a mix of presentations, vocational and cultural activities. This was to Melbourne and Victoria in Australia. The vocational days saw me going into a range of creative businesses, from photographic studios to design agencies, seeing how they worked and sharing tips and advice. I even had the opportunity to visit the Victoria Forensic Police Services to see how they use photography!

On the presentation front, I gave numerous presentations about myself, my career and my experiences of the Group Study Exchange program. The largest presentation was to 650 people at the Rotary District Conference, with smaller audiences ranging from 50 - 200 people. Despite a few last minute nerves I feel the presentations all went well, and it was interesting to see how the dynamics of the presentation changed as the audience numbers varied.

I was also able to see a wide range of the Victorian landscape, from coastal to 'bush' scenery, and discover new animals I'd never seen before including: wallabies, kangaroos, koalas, and 'fairy' penguins to name just a few!

Overall the experience allowed me to meet lots of new people and create new friendships, learn more about photography and the photographic industry and discover more about the world in which I live. The whole trip was amazing.

You can see more about my trip on my Facebook page. But for now here's a photo taken at Mornington Peninsula.