Kanha National Park

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This beautiful national park is said to have provided inspiration for Rudyard Kipling's 'The Jungle Book'. Its lush green trees, grasses and meadows contrasted with Ranthambore's drier appearance. As well as the tigers, Kanha provides the opportunuity to see Barasingha, a swamp deer which has been close to extinction. At Kanha I was luckily enough to have another tiger sighting, of the female tigress Umarpani. I would class it as the best sighting I had throughout the whole trip. After hearing the alarm calls of monkeys we decided to wait in the area and see if we were luckily enough to spot a tiger: we were! She came walking up the track towards us after walking out of the jungle, before drawing level with the vehicle and disappearing back into the jungle. She didn't seem bothered by us at all, and even stopped to scent mark a tree. She was thought to have had cubs hidden in the jungle nearby, and had just gone off to have a 'quick snack' before returning to them. According to the guide all of her cubs have survived into adulthood, and I think she has had 3 litters, so an excellent record!

Other animals that you could see at Kanha are: gaur, sloth bear, jackal, jungle cat, python, leopard, monkeys as well as numerous birds including kingfishers, owls, parakeets, partridges and pea fowl to name but a few! Some are easier to spot than others, and I was luckily enough to see a leopard. He was just peering out the bushes, before deciding to jump out and run across the track directly behind the vehicle and disappearing back into the jungle. There was only a couple of other jeeps there at the time, which made it all that more special.