Horsey Seals

Between November and January each year, Grey Seals come ashore at Horsey to have their pups and breed. Usually quiet, at this time of year Horsey seems like the most popular place to be in Norfolk! After winding round the country roads you can tell you're getting close by the sudden traffic jam with cars and people everywhere. If you do visit it's quieter during the week, try to avoid the weekends and bank holidays if possible. After parking in the car park the seals were actually quite a walk away, around 1 mile. Apparently in the past the seals have come ashore to breed very close to the car park, but this time a bit of a walk was involved. However there were wardens there to tell you where the seals are and to point you in the right direction. The beach is actually is closed off during this time, so access to the seals is via the sand dunes. This is to protect the seals and prevent them get stressed. Upon reaching the seals there were fewer than what I expected. I had got in my mind that the beach would be crammed pack full of seals though, so I did have a somewhat false expectation! You have to look carefully when you get there as many seal pups can be spotted within the grasses and its easy to miss them. It was great to see them and I aim to go back again. Here's a few of my photos from the trip: