Catherine Bullen is a photographer specialising in nature and wildlife photography. She uses natural light in her photographs to create vibrant images of subjects that people may not otherwise see, or notice. Her work has been published in UK newspapers and magazines, and previous exhibitions include those held at the Truman Brewery, London, and the Ruskin Gallery, Cambridge.

Ever since experimenting with photography while studying Fine Art at college, she has been hooked! So much so that she went on to study photography at Cambridge School of Art. Three years later, and to gain work experience she ventured over to Italy to work in a photography studio there (apparently Italian people really do say 'Mamma Mia'!). She returned to the UK and has been a photographer ever since.

With her passion centering around nature and wildlife photography, she is aiming to capture as much of it as she can - both in the UK and abroad. It's going to be a lifelong project, but everyone needs something to aim for! In 2010 she took a step along the journey of this project by travelling to South Africa as a volunteer conservation and wildlife photographer. Some of the results of this trip can be seen in the photo galleries on this website, while others are being used in Africa to help within conservation and education. Furthermore she visited India in 2012, a country full of colour and vibrancy, and was fortunate enough to see both tigers and the elusive leopard. Other destinations since then have included Kuala Lumpur, where the orchid gardens came under her lens, and Australia where she visited Melbourne and Victoria.

To see more of her work and to hear about her latest news please visit her blog which can be found on this site, or visit her Facebook, Twitter or Instagram sites, the links to which are on the Contact page.

She is always looking out for new adventures, projects, collaborations and good advice. Please feel free to contact her.